Welcome to the Way Gallery

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, The Way Gallery  features the fine art of Suzanne Gaudette Way, her students and guest artists. Visitors welcome by appointment only.  Please call in advance so your schedule may be accommodated.
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Suzanne's unusual Pen & Inks are rendered on canvas rather than paper Look for more in LANDSCAPES/Architecture while full color outdoor paintings are in  LANDSCAPES/Nature.
 Why did Suzanne paint the Mona Lisa?
Suzanne says,
 "I painted the Mona Lisa publicly because I wanted to show that I could attain a true likeness of my subjects. If you don't know the subject, you have no idea if the personality was captured by the artist. 

Let's face it, who doesn't know the Mona Lisa? 
Even little kids know her by name! 
Portraits are quoted based on size and complexity.
Let's work together on creating family heirlooms."
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Who Doesn't Love a Pet Painting?
          For more samples of Pet Paintings,  go to Portraits and click on 'Animals' to find ideas for your project. A pet portrait makes a unique, 'one of a kind' gift for any occasion.
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Established in 1993
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